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Headteacher: Nicola Bull

Welcome to the Wyvern St Edmund’s Learning Campus. We are two successful Magna Learning Partnership academies, Wyvern College and St Edmund’s Girls’ School, working together across one Learning Campus. We remain as separate schools but share facilities, teachers and support staff.

Lessons are mostly taught in single-sex groups except where there is educational benefit to students, for example in performing arts subjects or at GCSE level, where extra qualifications can be offered by combining students. Our vision for the Wyvern St Edmund’s Learning Campus is to ensure that every student attending either Wyvern College or St Edmund’s Girls’ School becomes the best version of themselves that they can be.

We are committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of every student in our schools and the staff of the Learning Campus all work to maximise the academic progress of every boy and girl, preparing them for a successful future by helping them discover their talents and ambitions.

We believe that the best way for you to see our commitment to supporting young people is to see us in action. Every day is an open day at the Wyvern St Edmund’s Learning Campus. If you have a son or daughter interested in joining Wyvern College or St Edmund’s School please get in touch.

We would be delighted to offer you a tour of our campus on a school day and time convenient to you. To arrange a tour please telephone 01722 328565 or email us at office@wyvernsteds.org.

To find out more about the two schools on the Wyvern St Edmund’s Learning Campus please follow the links above.